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About US

Plastiform Company was established in 2010 in Egypt, and it focuses on injection and structural blowing of plastic and molding services

We can also carry out molds of various shapes and sizes and print on plastic, Silk  screen and fingerprint

We serve our customers from inside and outside Egypt and abide by the agreed terms of the contract

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier for companies in the manufacture of packaging with the highest quality and lowest price between Egypt, Africa and the Middle East

In order to maintain our leading position in the Egyptian and global market, we are always keen to keep pace with innovative and renewable market trends in order to best suit the needs of our customers.

Our Services


plastic blowing

Plastic blowing is a manufacturing process that uses air blown into a mold cavity to create a hollow component. It is commonly used in packaging sectors


Printing on plastic and glass bottles

To add your own fingerprint on all your products with high quality and all colors and shapes


plastic injection

It is a method of obtaining molded products by injecting thermosetting plastic material into a mould, then cooling and hardening it. This method is suitable for mass production of products with complex shapes, and occupies a large part in the field of plastic processing.

why us

All shapes design

accurately designed

real guarantee

lower cost

All containers for all uses

Times of Work

All days of the week except Friday
From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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